The most FUN you will have learning the FUNdamentals of Tennis!

FUNdamentals is a fun, games-based program with engaging, experienced coaches. Student's that start our program may be new to tennis or building on what they’ve already learned in previous tennis classes. Either way, our FUNdamental players develop an impressive understanding of tennis techniques as well as a strong love for tennis.

Learn Tennis!

Get Active!

Have Fun!

Ages 5 to 14/Pre-Tournament Level

Monday thru Friday

5:00 pm to 7:00 pm

The SCTA FUNdamentals classes are for players ages 5 -14 years from beginners to intermediate level/pre-tournament (level 7). These classes are two hours long and begin with "tennis fitness" for the first 20 minutes.  Players work on overall groundstroke development as a basis for the class followed by development of the service motion and net play. Our strategy to maximize focus and interest level is to do a drill followed by a game and continue to go back-and-forth with this format; players have fun and stay productive. Players are separated based on level of play with the lower levels drilling more for skill acquisition and the upper levels competing more. One or two players graduate from FUNdamentals to High Performance each month.


1 Session/Week      $140/Month 

2 Sessions/Week    $210/Month 

3 Session/Week      $250/Month 

Daily Drop-In          $50

The top Reasons Tennis is Great for Kids of all Ages! 


Builds confidence and empowers kids to believe in themselves.


Promotes health and happiness.


Teaches time management and discipline.


Builds friendships and skills they will use for life.


Teaches sportsmanship and accountability.


Develops fine motor skills at an early age through games and fun!

What Parents Are Saying About SCTA

Karen Downing

Coach Mark has an incredible teacher/student mentality. He really connects with our son and has created a little tennis champion in our house!

Debra Warden

Our daughter Madison's confidence is through the roof since starting FUNdamentals at SCTA.  Tennis and her new friends is all she talks about.

Tara Packer

Ally's teacher recently commented on her focus and listening skills.  She can't believe the difference in our daughter.  The only thing we changed in her routine is starting FUNdamentals at SCTA!  Their coaches are simply amazing!

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