Future Stars

Starts March 2022

Play Tennis!

Get Active!

Have Fun!

Ages 4 to 6

4:10 pm to 4:50 pm

Tuesday & Thursday

8:05 am to 8:45 am


1:05 pm to 1:45 pm


SCTA's Newest Program! The Futures Program will begin March 2022. 

The main focus of this class will be FUN!damentals, hand/eye coordination, exercise specific for tennis development, stroke production, learning development and cooperation skills.  We will use developmental balls to simplify the rallying and create better overall development.  Players sign up on a monthly basis and can attend 1-3 days  per week. SCTA Coaches will blend drills and games to keep students' interest while developing better strokes and overall game development.  The coaches are highly skilled and highly trained to help students learn the proper basic fundamentals to continue improving rapidly and graduate into the higher level programs.  All players are taught sportsmanship, competitive skills, cooperation over competition, and how to have fun learning a sport for a lifetime.  


1 Session/Week     $70/Month            2 Sessions/Week   $120/Month  

Daily Drop-In         $25 

Top Reasons Why Tennis is Good For Kids at all Ages!

We utilize larger balls for a slower bounce and easier contact.

We have smaller racquets to fit little hands.

We play lots of games that teach team work, social skills & self esteem.

We teach hand eye coordination skills that enhance all aspects of young kids lives.


Tennis builds confidence and empowers kids to believe in themselves.


Builds friendships and skills they will use for life.


Promotes health and happiness.


Teaches sportsmanship and accountability.


Learn time management and discipline.

What Parents Are Saying About SCTA

Karen Downing

Coach Mark has an incredible teacher/student mentality. He really connects with our son and has created a little tennis champion in our house!

Debra Warden

Our daughter Madison's confidence is through the roof since starting FUNdamentals at SCTA.  Tennis and her new friends is all she talks about.

Tara Packer

Ally's teacher recently commented on her focus and listening skills.  She can't believe the difference in our daughter.  The only thing we changed in her routine is starting FUNdamentals at SCTA!  Their coaches are simply amazing!

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