Future Stars Camps

"SCTA has the BEST beginner developmental coaches in SoCal"

Bouncier Balls, Smaller Racquets and Tons of Fun!

Our Futures players, 4 to 6 years of age, will have camps from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon. These camps will be on shared courts with FUNdamental campers.  Our Futures players will have mini breaks through out the morning to sit in the shade and re-hydrate.  


Our class focus during Futures Summer Camps is the same as during the school year with hand-eye coordination, basic ground stroke skill development, cooperative learning, introduction to competition being the main focal points. We will drill, play games, do exercises and have summer fun as well.  


Tennis builds confidence and empowers kids to believe in themselves.


Builds friendships and skills they will use for life.


Promotes health and happiness.


Teaches sportsmanship and accountability.


Teaches time management and discipline.

 Why Tennis is Great for Kids of all Ages! 

We utilize larger balls for a slower bounce and easier contact.

We have smaller racquets to fit little hands.

We play lots of games that teach team work, social skills & self esteem.

We teach hand eye coordination skills that enhance all aspects of young kids lives.

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