For the Serious Minded Tournament Player

High Performance

Monday thru Friday

3:00 pm to 6:00 pm

The High Performance level at SCTA is for players ages 10 to 22 years of age with tournament level skills (Level 1 thru Level 7).  Since starting in 2011, SCTA has trained 100's of competitive players to help them excel in tournaments,USTA Jr. Team Tennis, high school tennis and to earn scholarships to college.  Our format is to spend the majority of our time doing competitive drills to encourage focus and to improve our playability so we are tournament-ready.  Our competitive and playful atmosphere makes the culture at SCTA energetic and fun.  Players enjoy training at the Academy, meeting new friends and preparing for competitive play in a format that leads to success.

The High Performance After-School Academy runs form September 1st thru May 31st.  The Summer Camp Schedule runs June 1st thru August 31st.  Players can attend 1x to 5x/week and classes run on a pre-paid monthly commitment basis.  All players are put on a "Ladder" that is Universal Tennis Ranking based to help create a competitive mind-set.   Moving up the ladder is an important step in setting goals and focusing on improvement.


1 Session/Week        $240/Month

2 Sessions/Week      $400/Month

3 Sessions/Week      $500/Month

4+ Sessions/Week    $600/Month

Daily Drop-In            $70 

Sample Daily Format

3:00 pm to 3:30 pm          Warm-up

3:25 pm to 3:50 pm          Drilling

3:55 pm to 5:25 pm          Points Play

5:30 pm to 6:00 pm          Doubles Games

Here's What Parents Are Saying

"For the past four years, my son has trained at Southern California Tennis Academy (SCTA) in Long Beach. Throughout his time, he has seen tremendous growth in each aspect of his game.  His stroke production, footwork, fitness, understanding of tennis strategy and mental approach to the game has greatly improved under the guidance of the professional coaches at the academy. Led by Mitch Bridge and Peter Smith, the coach's at SCTA provide personal instruction and feedback to all players as they engage in drilling and point and match play.  SCTA is the home of many top juniors, which leads to fierce competition on court as well as a strong sense of camaraderie off court.  Without question, my son would not be a nationally-ranked junior without SCTA as a significant part of his training."

Ray Coriaty

Parent to Lucas, #1 SOCAL B14s Blue Chip

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