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It's Not a Warm-up, It's a Groove!

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

If you are serious about your tennis, you are fairly warmed-up just by arriving at the tournament site. Your heart rate is elevated. Light Sweat. Focused. Alert. So warm-up for your match isn't really a physical warm-up but a groove. Just like practice shooting before a basketball game, tennis players need to "find" their strokes before match time. Go through a dynamic physical warm-up and visualize playing well. Then, instead of going through the rituals of a quick tournament warm-up, make sure that you have ALL your shots in good form for your match. Cross courts, change directions, offensive put-aways, approach shots, volleys and overheads, first and second serves and returns. Take up to an hour to make sure that you have a groove and feel on all of your shots before you take the test of your tournament match. This is extra important the first couple of days of your tournament to make sure that you acclimate to the courts, wind, humidity, heat and type of ball. Use the professional approach to warming-up and your match results will thank you!

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