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Tennis is tough. Have you ever tried hitting a heavy topspin cross court forehand passing shot while down breakpoint in the final set of a match? It’s not easy. Tennis is one of those sports that teaches it’s players to become comfortable when faced with uncomfortable situations.

Individual sports/activities are, in a way, the truest reflection of how we treat ourselves as a teammate. Most of the time you don’t have any teammates in tennis. When you are on the court, there is ‘you’ your physical self and there is ‘you’ as the mental dialogue - constantly motivating yourself to continue or do better.

I believe that everyone during this quarantine (tennis and non-tennis alike) has had to connect more deeply with ourselves as we are forced to do more individual activities. Whether it is at-home fitness, increased studies, or more chores around the house you have had to become a better teammate to yourself- a better motivator. You, as well as the rest of us, have had to become comfortable in these new and possibly uncomfortable situations.

Unfortunately it does not seem like things are going to get back to the old normal anytime soon, or maybe ever. It’s uncomfortable maybe, but I encourage you to continue to improve that aspect of yourself that is the inner-teammate. The friend that paints their face and yells like crazy for you at your sporting event. That friend represents the part of you that is going to drive you to succeed at anything in life, especially tennis.

If you feel like getting uncomfortable, and getting super strong in the process, join me on Instagram Live every Tuesday and Thursday @ 12:30pm for a quick 45 min full body workout that will kick your butt every time.

By Jordan Bridge

SCTA Director of Tennis and Fitness

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